AVI system for PCB

A Leading Company in PCB Market in Taiwan



For PCB market, the yield rate is a key element for a successful company. Therefore, every workstation of the production line is important and quipped with precision equipment. Inspection workstation to eliminate defect products is a crucial station since the defect products may appear on the market if it is failed to find out defect, also could waste R&D and production funds if the yield products are removed unfortunately. Precision is definitely an essential factor.


Project Benefit

V5 utilized its core technology to help PCB companies to resolve the problems like high false rate and complicated product learning process which slow down the speed of operators and also increase production cost. With V5’s IVA system, a leading company in PCB market in Taiwan successfully improved its production efficiency and productivity since the product learning process becomes easy which reduce operation time and artificial mistakes. Besides, V5’s algorithm and software also improved its accuracy.