Image Incident Detector


Image Incident Detector adopts IVA technology to analyze and process the video from surveillance camera on the road or in the tunnel. Except for providing instant and automated identification, alert, record and statistic of events, it is also equipped with the capability to analyze and collect traffic flow data. After detecting the events, IID will send the information to V5 server, including event type, occurrence time, and region. Meanwhile, the alert message will be shown on V5 CMS for user to manage and prevent further effect caused by events.



● Flexible device deployment enables higher convenience

● High detection rate brings safer road safety

● Friendly interface shortens setup time

● Real-time event notification allows faster response

● Linux embedded system provides more stable working environment



Event detection

 ● Stationary vehicles

 ● Illegal parking

 ● Traffic congestion

 ● Pedestrian

 ● Fallen object

 ● Wrong-way vehicle

 ● Lane change

 ● Smoke detection


Traffic flow data collection

 ● Traffic flow volume

 ● Average speed

 ● Average vehicle length

 ● Average headway

 ● Occupancy rate